We Believe

… that God’s purpose for Altrua on this earth is to be a blessing.
 … that partnerships are valuable and will assist in achieving our common goals. 
… that success is to be shared with our team, their families, our clients and vendors. 
… that a "Yes, it can be done" philosophy is the only one to have.

Our Goals are

… to always treat you as we would like to be treated. 
… to always give you the highest level of service. 
… to always deal with honesty and integrity in all matters. 
… to always produce top quality products and services at a fair price.

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Who Are We!

We are more than just print production. We are a trusted, passionate partner. We are fulfillment experts. We are designers. We are deadlines and product challenges made easy. We are makers of prototypes. We are visionaries - you visualize it, and we bring it to life. We are the perfect home - everything you need: partners and products, under one strong roof. We are family owned and operated. We are proud. We are blessed. We are a team.  We are the sophistication of an agency with the speed of a print chain.

What We Do

Sales Orders Processed in a month 5,547

Locations on Multiple Shipments in a month 11,766

Individual orders with customized designs in a month 1,040

Variable Data Jobs in the month 10 (reflecting 1269 locations)

Individual Stock Sales Orders processed in the month 1,595

Individual Web Orders processed in the month 372

Highest number of kits in a Multiple Shipment in a month 18

Average number of graphics / production jobs in process daily 684

Active clients in our system 8,136

How We Do It

Durst RHO P10 250 HS Plus

Vutek GS 3250 LX

Vutek GS 3200 x 2

Vutek GS 5000 L

Roland #1 EJ 640 x 3

Zund Cutter L-3000CV & Loader x 2

Zund Cutter G3XL -1600

Liquid Laminator-Vera Coater XL64

UV Digital Coater Curing Unit

Roll to Roll Laiminator GB3064